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Fun Tips for Tidying Up with Kids

Making Cleaning a Family Affair: Fun Tips for Tidying Up with Kids

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Jean-Marie Pfeifer

We get it—keeping the house clean with kids running around can feel like a never-ending mission. But fear not, because at Shore to Shore Cleaning, we're here to turn the chaos into laughter and make cleaning an adventure for the whole family- and getting in some quality time with your kids.

1. Musical Cleanup: Turn on your favorite tunes and make cleaning a dance party! Assign different tasks to each family member and let the rhythm guide you. It's amazing how much fun can be had while tidying up to your favorite beats.

2. Race Against the Clock: Transform cleaning into a game by setting a timer. Challenge your kids to see how much they can tidy up before the timer goes off. This not only adds an element of excitement but also instills a sense of responsibility in a playful way.

3. Color-Coded Tasks: Assign each family member a specific color and match it to cleaning tasks. For example, if your child's color is blue, they can be in charge of putting away toys with blue bins. This turns cleaning into a colorful and organized adventure.

4. Treasure Hunt Cleanup: Create a cleaning treasure hunt by hiding small treats or treasures around the house. Each time your child completes a cleaning task, they get a clue leading them to the next hidden surprise. It's a fantastic way to keep them motivated and engaged.

5. DIY Cleaning Supplies: Get creative by making your own child-friendly cleaning supplies. Mix up some non-toxic solutions together and let your little ones have their mini spray bottles and dusters. They'll feel like cleaning superheroes!

6. Story-time Cleanup: Combine story-time with cleanup time. Choose a favorite book and read a chapter together, with the rule that each time a chapter ends, it's time to tackle a cleaning task. It's a delightful way to weave storytelling into your cleaning routine.

7. Cleaning Olympics: Create a mini cleaning Olympics with different cleaning challenges. From making the bed in record time to stacking up neatly folded laundry, turn everyday chores into a friendly competition that the whole family can enjoy.

Feeling inspired to turn cleaning into a family fiesta? Ready to reclaim your space without sacrificing the fun? Shore to Shore Cleaning is here to help Long Island and Westchester families enjoy a clean, joyful home…

And when the cleaning seems a bit too overwhelming to get everyone involved, call us and we’ll take care of the cleaning while you enjoy your own kind of quality time with your family.

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