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Home & Office Cleaning Procedures

The dirtier - the better. It's not just a catchy phrase. It's truly how we feel. Give us your messes, your move-outs, your post-construction cleanups, your messes. We revel in cleaning up the biggest messes and take enormous pride in our home and office cleaning service work.

We provide all the cleaning supplies, so it's one less thing you have to worry about. The chemicals we use are kid- and pet- friendly. We also understand the importance of using bleach when necessary.

Shore To Shore's home and office cleaning teams are trained and knowledgeable in the field of cleaning all types of materials, surfaces and materials. The company holds multiple certifications with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification - as well as with the Global Biorisk Advisory Council  for cleaning and disinfection.


Start with a Swiffer: to include all light switches, ventilation fans (use grout brush to remove excess dust if necessary) light fixtures, baseboards, wall hangings, moldings, shelves, and under vanity.


  • - Spray with multi purpose cleaner, wipe down with magic eraser, rinse, squeegee, sprayway, and wipe with paper towel ( In this order)
  • - Use grout brush and/or bleach ONLY if necessary if soap scum or mold is present
  • - Make sure all handles on shower doors are clean and check from multiple angels to make sure no streaks remain on glass
  • - If there are no shower doors make sure to wipe the ledge/ separator and front of all tubs. Including the corners outside of bathtubs.


  • - Clean from top to bottom. Wipe tank, seat, seat covers (both sides)
  • - Clean inside toilet with brush, making sure you get deep down in there, check under rim of bowl for excess build up
  • - Wipe metal coil and water valve, floors around toilet by hand, all accessories (plunger, toilet brush,toilet paper holder, etc)
  • - Pumice stone may be used when needed for hard water/ calcium build up


  • Wipe sink, checking under all edged and around drains for build up
  • - Check back splash for tooth paste
  • - Spot check base of vanity, and wipe around the bottom where it meets the floor
  • - Hand wipe all fixtures/ faucets (use grout brush for soap scum build up)


  • - Make sure to use spray away and paper towels, re-check from multiple angles for fingerprints and streaks


  • Swiffer high to low (you can use grout brush to clean vents when needed)
  • - Hand wipe all shelving and light switches
  • - Wipe down the outside of all appliances, dump toaster
  • - Lift all appliances and other objects on counters to make sure you are cleaning the whole countertop, spot check to make sure everything is clen ** Be sure to do an eye level check
  • - Inside microwave
  • - Wipe inside edges of refrigerator (check for crumbs/ or fluids)
  • - Stovetop can be cleaned with method / magic eraser (make sure to refer to crew leader if unsure on what chemical or tool to use)
  • - Clean window behind the sink
  • - Stainless steel when needed (make sure you spot check for streaks)
  • - Check outside of garbage cans, remove all garbage and replace bags
  • - Spot check all cabinets and any ledges or dust and spills

All Other Areas

(Bedroom/ Dining/ Living room etc)

  • - Swiffer (ceiling to floor) to include walls, doors & frames, windows & frames, window sills, baseboards, wall joints (where two walls meet) under and over radiators (any other heating source), moldings, and behind and under all accessible furniture
  • - Spot check windows for doggy/ or fingerprints
  • - Clean all glass on all doors INSIDE & OUT
  • - Dust all furniture with appropriate cleaning agents. Make sure to lift all objects and dust under them. DO NOT dust AROUND things!
  • - Appearance matters, we straighten up all pillows/ blankets/ bedding, as well as TV stand, tables etc
  • - Change bedding when required
Other Areas


  • - Vacuum the entire house including all stairs & all furniture
  • - Mop all appropriate floors ( Wood, tile, etc), using the proper cleaning agent



* By Request:

  • - Washing walls, moldings, doors, light switches etc
  • - Windows Inside and out, or only inside
  • - Inside oven
  • - Inside fridge
  • - Tops of Kitchen cabinets
  • - Windex all pictures
  • - Move large furniture to get under and behind
Other Areas



  • - Washing walls, moldings, doors, light switches etc
  • - Windows Inside and out, or only inside
  • - Inside oven
  • - Inside fridge
  • - Tops of Kitchen cabinets
  • - Inside all cabinets and closets



  • - Dusting down all walls
  • - Remove all stickers off windows and appliances
  • - Remove paint of all windows with razor
Other Areas


So much so, our teams will most likely remember your dog Buster before they remember your name, and often refer to home by the pet name and not the clients.

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