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Choosing the Best Cleaning Products

Choosing The Best Cleaning Products

Not all cleaning products work effectively. Some cleaning products may smell good without actually disinfecting the areas. Some cleaning products claim to kill bacteria and viruses but some of these claims are baseless. Here’s what you should know.

  1. Water is the best cleaner. Not only is water nature's organic cleaner, but it is also works well for your home or office. We have all seen dust buildup, especially during the dry seasons. Nature’s way of cleansing is rain. And without rainwater, life on earth would be non-existent. Water comes in various forms, and one way to clean your house is with deionized water. This is essentially a neural cleaner as all the minerals in the water have been removed.

  2. Read the ingredients! If you are using a cleaner without the proper ingredients, are you getting the best cleaning possible? Things to look out for are what kind of disinfectants are being used. At Shore to Shore, we use cleaners that have alcohol ethoxylates which work to kill germs.

  3. Water to cleaning product ratios are important. Cleaning products are normally sold in highly concentrated states. They are meant to be diluted to ensure effectiveness as well as to not leave streaks or residue. Our team at Shore to Shore has the experience to know how much cleaning solution should be used and how to dilute it to get the best cleaning experience.

  4. Fabuloso may smell good, but it’s not ideal for your cleaning goals. Take it from the pros, we know that there are better products out there to get the job done.

Whether you have a home, office, or even a home-office, Shore to Shore Cleaning has got you covered. Give us a call today to schedule a free, no obligation estimate and see why more Long Islanders choose us over the rest!

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