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April Adventures: Spring Cleaning Tips for the Traveling Homeowner

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Jean-Marie Pfeifer

Spring has finally sprung on Long Island, and with it comes the urge to explore and travel. But what happens to your home while you're soaking up the sun elsewhere or trekking through blooming landscapes? At Shore to Shore Cleaning, we understand the importance of returning to a home as welcoming and fresh as the day you left it. Here are some essential spring cleaning tips to ensure your home remains pristine during your April adventures.

Prepare Your Home for a Happy Return

1. Deep Clean Before You Depart

There's nothing like coming home to a clean and orderly house after a vacation. Give yourself this ultimate welcome-back gift by deep cleaning your home before you leave. Focus on the kitchen and bathrooms, which can attract pests if left untidy. Shore to Shore Cleaning can help with a thorough pre-trip clean-up that includes scrubbing surfaces, vacuuming carpets, and ensuring your home is dust and allergen-free.

2. Minimize Clutter

Clutter not only makes a space feel chaotic but can also gather dust over time. Reduce clutter by putting away unnecessary items and organizing essentials. This not only makes cleaning easier but also helps keep your home tidy and functional upon your return.

3. Secure and Safeguard

Ensure all windows are securely locked and blinds or curtains are partially closed to keep your home safe and minimize sun exposure. Unplug unnecessary appliances to save energy and reduce the risk of electrical fires. Consider setting your thermostat to an energy-efficient setting that prevents extreme temperatures without overworking your system.

4. Take Care of the Laundry

Wash and put away all laundry before leaving. This will prevent any mildew smells or pest attractions, especially in damp items like towels or workout clothes. Plus, you'll avoid facing a mountain of laundry when you return!

5. Manage Your Mail and Deliveries

A simple yet crucial step is to manage your mail and other deliveries. An overflowing mailbox or packages at the door can be a clear sign that no one is home, which might attract thieves. Ask a neighbor to collect your mail or use a mail-holding service offered by the post office.

6. Set Up for a Refreshing Return

Add some fresh touches for when you return. This could be as simple as setting up new sheets on the bed, hanging clean towels in the bathroom, or even scheduling a cleaning service to refresh your space right before you come back. These small preparations make returning home feel even more delightful.

Keep Your Home Fresh While You're Away

7. Natural Air Fresheners

Before leaving, consider placing natural air fresheners around your home. A few well-placed sachets of dried lavender or baking soda bins can absorb odors and keep your home smelling fresh.

8. Use Smart Home Devices

If you have smart home devices, use them to keep your home safe and energy-efficient. Programmable lights can make it appear as if someone is home, and smart thermostats can keep your home at the right temperature without wasting energy.

9. Protect Against Pests

Empty all trash bins, store food securely, and use natural repellents like peppermint oil around entry points to deter pests. A clean house is far less appealing to unwanted critters.

Traveling in April doesn't mean neglecting your home—on the contrary, it's an opportunity to ensure it's cared for in your absence. With these spring cleaning tips from Shore to Shore Cleaning, you can jet set worry-free, knowing you’ll return to a clean, fresh, and welcoming home. Ready for a professional clean before your next adventure? Contact us today, and tick one more thing off your travel checklist! Safe travels and happy spring cleaning!

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